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Solar power has never been more available for transport operators


Avoided upgrade costs

To electrify the transport fleet, electricity networks will need significant and expensive upgrades in order to build the capacity and fuel to supply the transition. We believe there will be ways to finesse the timing and size of these upgrades that will minimise costs and encourage firms to take the first step on their de-carbonisation journey. 

Local distributed generation can maximise the use of behind-the ICP generation such as on-site rooftop or ground-based solar and avoid expensive ICP connection upgrades. For example, to electrify just the forklift fleet of many distribution businesses, a connection upgrade of about twice the existing capacity would likely be required. Before that investment is made optimising the use of the existing connections should be undertaken,

Effective roof utilisation

Rooftop solar reduces ten times more emissions per m2 when used as a transport fuel than when used as a grid electricity substitute. We have found that businesses in logistics, warehousing and 3PL have roof space well in excess their current electricity consumption – ca 75% extra. Using this roof capacity to generate transport fuel for the fleets underneath will reduce the demand on the grid.

Cleaner Fuel
Right From Your Roof
No Capital Outlay
No Brainer


How Utilise Can Help


The introduction of solar-fueled transport will require practical steps relevant to each firm. Utilise has practical learnings that can be applied to your situations: 

  • Knowhow in setting up a system to function within grid constraints 

  • The least amount of battery storage needed to be effective in practice 

  • What operational changes may be required in the organisation and whether they are practical

  • How many days a year operations will be impacted due to low sunshine hours and restrictions on what can be drawn from the grid. 

Utilising Roofs

We have worked with many national freight transport and logistics firms to assess on-site solar potential. In aggregate they have roof space that would hold about four time more solar than their electricity load requires. The balance can be applied to either forklifts or trucking fuel. 

Whether your business has one or multiple locations, we can assess it all and present it to you in one simple feasibility report.

It used to be hard to save costs and do the right thing

Is this you?

"We're financially ambitious yet wonder how the new energy future can fit with that. How can we make renewable energy work for us? How can we reduce emissions and still be competitive?"

We think we've got a way to help you.

If you trust your business in the long term you can trust in a new energy future.

Let us open you to the possibilities of how our new energy assets could work at your place?

Our unparalleled experience can help your business make all the difference.

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