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First Step: Feasibility Assessment

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Solar Assessment

Real world actions to inform your emissions reduction plan.


We provide the commercial arrangement to be supplied with clean energy directly off your roof.


Utilise installs a suitable solar power system and electrical infrastructure at no cost or risk to you.

About the solar assessment

A real place to start

Conducted and presented in person by our highly experienced staff, our comprehensive solar assessment will determine the viability of your site/s. If solar is not viable on the basis below, there is no cost incurred by you. The evaluation, and subsequent report, will take into account the following factors:

  • Roof aspect, material and layout

  • Location and solar incidence

  • Landlord consent

  • Building electrical infrastructure

  • ICP network connection, possibly via an application

  • Consumption profile

  • Technology

  • GHG inventory

  • Electricity markets and pricing

  • Transport profile

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