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  • Where do i get more information?
    Please contact us on 0800 NEW ENERGY (63 93 63) and speak to the Utilise team. They can setup an appointment for our Business Solution Specialist to come and see you. We welcome the opportunity to present a proposal to you. Please let us know some details about your business, just follow the link below.
  • Will my Power Always be cheaper?
    Your power cost will be locked in at significantly less than your current power cost for a long term - between 5 and 10 years. At the end of this term the power price is again locked in at a discount for another 5 to 7 years. You get to lock in one of your major business overheads and avoid the cost of inflation on your power price.
  • What if i move premises?
    Should you move premises then there are several options available to you; Here’s how it works: Take the system with you. We are happy to remove and reinstall the system at your new premises. This would involve entering into a new agreement and may incur some costs. The incoming tenant may want to keep the system and buy their power from Utilise. We can offer the system for sale to you or your landlord at a depreciated value. Often building owners appreciate the extra revenue off their roof Talk to us first if you want a different arrangement considered.
  • Will my existing retailer turn off supply?
    You will continue to stay connected to your existing retailer. The electricity industry in New Zealand has been designed to ensure consumers have a reliable supply of electricity from the main grid. Outages are caused by a failure of the physical network ie the distribution or lines network, these outages will happen irrespective of who your electricity retailer is. The Electricity Authority information pack here explains how the physical flow of electricity and the financial markets operate independently of each other. All electricity generators sell their power to the NZ wholesale market and all retailers buy from the wholesale market to sell to businesses and residential consumers. Electricity retailers all have access to the same electricity so you don't have to worry about your electricity provider running out of power. The Electricity Authority has been established to provide regulatory oversight of the industry and reliability of electricity supply to all consumers and businesses in New Zealand. The EA sets prudential requirements and processes should there ever be a default in the market. These processes ensure that customers will always have a retailer and the electricity supply is uninterrupted through the process. Each retailer needs to meet the prudential requirements to be able to participate in the electricity market. This includes a ‘bond’ which is held by the clearing manager. Find out more about Utilise’s expertise in the electricity market here.
  • Do i need contact to existing retailer during the installation process?
    You don’t have to worry about contacting anyone. We will manage the entire transition for you. We will contact your existing retailer to ensure there is a smooth installation. We will also advise your metering and lines company that you have now have a solar installation.
  • What about Landlord?
    In our experience many landlords have no issue with the installation of a solar power system on the roof. Standard leases allow for tenants to make alterations and additions such as installing HVAC systems, refrigeration units etc on the premises provided that the property is reinstated to its original condition at the end of a lease. We are happy to talk to your landlord on your behalf and to assist with reinstatement when the time comes.
  • What happened if there is a very little sun?
    We ensure your system can access the mains power, if required. On average Utilise can supply between 50% and 80% of your total power use, depending on your specific situation, trading hours, roof size etc. If we’re experiencing low sunshine hours, additional power needed will be seamlessly drawn from the mains grid. Provided the mains power is uninterrupted you will NEVER run out of power:
  • What do i contact if i have a power failure?
    Please contact your lines company to log a fault, if you do not know who your lines company is, please call us on 0800 NEW ENERGY (63 93 63). Auckland (All Areas) - 0508 VECTOR (83 28 67) Northpower - 09 430 1800 Top Energy - 09 401 5440 WEL Networks - 0800 80 09 35 The Lines Company - 0800 36 73 28 Counties Power - 0800 10 02 02 Westfield Trust - 0800 49 00 04
  • Where do I get information on known outages?
    Visit your lines company website or give them a call
  • Who owns the system?
    Under our standard agreement Utilise will own the system. However, if you would like to invest in the solar power system and receive all of the benefit of on-selling the power to your tenants yourself, this can be arranged through Utilise, which will manage, maintain, monitor, meter and invoice for power supplied to your tenants. You benefit by a fully managed investment showing a great rate of return totally hands-free.
  • Are there risks to my property by installing solar?
    Solar power is a proven, safe form of power generation. All the components that we install are world class, rated to the highest international standards. The installation is undertaken by specialist master electricians. Solar power is one of the cleanest and safest forms of power available.
  • What price plans are available?
    We’d love to give you a pricing proposal call us on 0800 NEW ENERGY (63 93 63), or if you’d prefer send us some information about your business here. For small to medium sized businesses we have our BizSmart pricing and for our larger customers we have BizPremium pricing.
  • Will I still get my network rebate?
    Yes. If you currently receive a rebate from your lines company you will continue to receive this. If it is proportional to your consumption it will likely be lower than previously as you will be consuming less through the network.
  • Do I still get my prompt payment and other discounts?
    Yes, your arrangements with your existing retailer should remain just the same. The only difference you can expect is a lower bill from them.
  • What happens if I move address?
    Advise us of the details of your move by logging into or call us on 0800 UTILISE (88 45 47).
  • How frequently will I be billed?
    Utilise customers are billed on a calendar month basis. The start of an invoice date is always the first day of the month. The final date of the invoice is the last day of every month. You should expect your bill on the 10th business day of each month.
  • What happens if my demand drops?
    You only pay for what you use. If there is surplus electricity generated, for example during school holidays, we will export it to the market through your retailer.
  • How do I change the plan I am on?
    To change your plan log in to and go to the ‘Contact us’ page and our sales team will be in touch. Alternatively, call us on 0800 NEW ENERGY (63 93 63).
  • What are your special fees and services?
    Service fees are a necessary part of being able to give you the best of our services. Our schedule of fees are here.
  • Who do I call for further information?
    For further enquiries contact us: Through Webchat Email us at Call us on 0800 NEW ENERGY (63 93 63) For more information visit our Contact Us Page
  • How do I submit a complaint?
    Our aim is to ensure it is easy to do business with Utilise. If you have a complaint, please don’t hesitate to contact us at If we are unable to resolve your concerns, you can redirect your complaints to the Electricity and Gas complaints commission at 0800 22 33 40 or though This is a free and independent service.
  • Do solar panels emit greenhouse gases?
    The solar panels do not produce greenhouse gas emissions when they generate electricity. Click here to see more.
  • Can I purchase the system?
    At the end of the second 5 year term you will have the ability to purchase the system at a fair market value.
  • Do I still pay lines charges?
    A PPA reduces the impact of lines charge increases when lines charges are increased on a per kWh usage basis as there is no lines charge component to the solar power that you are buying. It cannot mitigate increases in the fixed lines charges which are passed on by your retailer.
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