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Solar power has never been more attractive for property owners

As a property owner you can now benefit from clean, sustainable solar energy, with no capital outlay required. Attract great tenants and generate additional revenue by utilising your properties’ roof space


Leverage the benefits of solar power

Utilise will enter into a License to Occupy agreement for your roof space and pay you an annual fee based on the system size. Your tenant will benefit from lower power prices for the term of their lease. Utilise manage the entire process to ensure a high quality, fit-for-purpose solar solution, installed by our highly experienced solar specialists. Your tenants benefit and you can increase the return on your property and its value, with no risk to you or any capital outlay required.  

Improve your property's image and desirability

Many companies are recognising the benefits of being sustainable and including sustainability as a core value, or moving to become carbon neutral. Committing to providing renewable, cheaper energy supports these values and attracts great tenants. 

Increase your revenue
Boost the value of your property
Attract great tenants
Reduce costs without capital outlay

The arrangements for supplying you in this way include:


We install the solar system

We work out the best configuration for your site, taking into account your daily and seasonal demand. We procure and engineer the installed solution through our supply partner SolarKing. We work with your retailer, network company, councils, and electrician to ensure compliance. We fully fund the installation so you pay nothing

You agree to the system being located on your property

The owner of the property where the installation is located agrees to allow Utilise to put the system there through a Licence To Occupy (LTO). This is a standard agreement similar to a lease agreement and contains things such as term and renewal, obligations of the parries, ability to purchase the system, and remediation

Utilise invoices for power produced at a better price than grid supply

Utilise reads meters monthly, reconciles the data and undertakes billing and customer service on a monthly basis. These costs are all charged based on the terms of a Power Purchase Agreement which covers such things as the long-term price and price resets, each party's obligations, metering and invoicing arrangements, and the ability for the customer to purchase the system.

Please see our Standard Licence to Occupy terms and conditions here.

Whether your business has one or multiple locations, we can price it all and present it to you in one simple proposal and an easy to read bill.

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