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How Power Purchase Agreements Work

Now you can benefit from clean, sustainable solar energy, at a lower cost than what you currently pay, with no capital outlay required. You’re simply paying for lower cost power

How does Utilise supply work?

The arrangements for supplying you in this way include:


We install the solar system

We work out the best configuration for your site, taking into account your daily and seasonal demand. We procure and engineer the installed solution through our supply partner SolarKing. We work with your retailer, network company, councils, and electrician to ensure compliance. We fully fund the installation so you pay nothing

Customers agree to buy the output

We establish a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) between Utilise and the power customer covering such things as the long-term price and price resets, each party's obligations, metering and invoicing arrangements, and the ability for the customer to purchase the system.

Property owners agree to the system being on site

The owner of the property where the installation is located agrees to allow Utilise to put the system there through a Licence To Occupy (LTO). This is a standard agreement similar to a lease agreement and contains things such as term and renewal, obligations of the parrties, ability to purchase the system, and remediation

Utilise invoices the customer for power produced

Utilise reads meters monthly, reconciles the data and undertakes billing and customer service on a monthly basis. These costs are all charged based on the terms of the Power Purchase Agreement and its Standard Terms and Conditions.

How do we get started

Taking electricity supply from Utilise is really easy

Here's how supply from Utilise happens


Power supply remains continuous during installation, other than at completion whilst we are livening the installation.  Typically the meter used by your retailer also needs to be changed to accept export into the grid. Both of these will require short power supply interruption for an hour or so, though can also be done in non-business hours.

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