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Cleaner Energy, Lower costs 


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Why Utilise? 

The new energy environment is about using technology to put customers in charge. Better informed. Closer.

Utilise designs, funds, installs and manages new energy assets involved in decarbonising New Zealand businesses. We help you create your emissions reduction plan with real world information.


We comprise a progressive group of energy and utility specialists dedicated to the new ways energy is provided to New Zealand businesses. Typically this involves deploying rooftop solar under PPAs for local supply, though increasingly we are seeing transport electrification opportunities for solar also. 

Now you can benefit from clean, sustainable solar energy, at a lower cost than what you currently pay, with no capital outlay required. You’re simply paying for lower cost power.

The Utilise edge combines the use of solar technology with innovative contract structures. This means we pass through the best possible energy price to you.

The Utilise team has considerable experience as business owners and operators in solar installation, sales and service, energy generation and trading. We pride ourselves on providing clean energy at lower prices than you will buy from your current power supplier.

Take a minute to look at our services. We're sure you'll be impressed and find ways for Utilise to improve your business image and save you money.

Wanting more information? Let us do a solar assessment on your business. 


The assessment report will include system sizing, generation, on-site consumption, emission reductions, financial costs and benefits of real world emission reduction actions available, and recommended for your overall emissions reduction plan. We will include PPA contract documents that will be capable of acceptance.

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